Community Call #1 and Open Review for OpenZeppelin Contracts 4.4

The upcoming release of OpenZeppelin Contracts introduces a set of rewards and two new ways for the community to participate in the project!

Community Calls

The first is a regular Community Call where the team will showcase what is new in the library. You can expect to learn about new use cases that a release enables and the reasoning behind implementation decisions. Additionally, we will open up the floor for questions and relevant topics to discuss. Future calls will also feature updates about OpenZeppelin Defender. There will be a POAP for attending!

Stream live on YouTube Tuesday Nov 9 @ 7PM UTC

Open Review Period

The second aspect is a longer open review period prior to release publication. Our release candidates have always been meant as a review period but have been short, not much longer than a week. The new review period will be at least three weeks with the intention of giving people time to review the new code and report issues. The best time to find a bug is before the code is released, and we trust the community can help us with that! Finding an issue of medium severity or higher will be rewarded with a POAP and we have an exciting new bug bounty initiative that will be announced shortly - stay tuned!

Community Call #1 POAP v4.4 Bug Hunter POAP


Didn't send the form? Don't send out the form when it's over?

Not sure what form you mean. The POAP QR code was shared at the end of the presentation. We'll make sure to show it for longer next time. Sorry!