Pay OpenZeppelin Team to pin a post for 1-4 weeks?

Is this possible? I understand that it will break the structure of the forum, so you could maybe somehow sort it in a category dedicated for this specifically or something else maybe? It’s understandable, that it could include the risk of losing reputation if the project will turn out to be a scam, but maybe there is a way? Asking about this for future consideration. Thanks in advance.


What would the purpose be? Endorsing a project? I don’t see how it fits our community.


Hi @Solidity-Snake,

We don’t have any external/paid advertising in the community forum.

There is a #general:showcase category that can be used to show how a project is using OpenZeppelin open source.

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Well to think of it, even if you will try to present it like it’s not exactly an endorsement, but an advertisement, it will still be perceived as an endorsement :sweat_smile: Apparently it’s not going to work

Makes sense. Still needed to ask, thanks :+1: