Cant remove the LP from PCS

hey ,
i tried/tested to create a ca with a small lp the problem now is that i can't get the lp out at the end because of max tax and i don't know how to change that. Thanks very much if anoyone have a idea

Edit : it's not renounced

You don't have any function that let you change maxTxAmount.
Probably the only way to bypass it is to give ownership to the pair. In this way these limits get ignored:

if (to != owner() &&
            to != Wallet_Burn &&
            to != address(this) &&
            to != uniswapV2Pair &&
            from != owner()){
            uint256 heldTokens = balanceOf(to);
            require((heldTokens + amount) <= _maxWalletToken,"Over wallet limit.");}

        if (from != owner())
            require(amount <= _maxTxAmount, "Over transaction limit.");

Yes, that's what I thought, is there any other way?

Thx for u reply

Made an edit to my message above


Which pair adress
So I need to transfer the owner to? What

This is the pair: 0x5ce454b30b4f45f1ce671a3f1a02991245359fcc
You added only 25$ right?
you could also avoid sending ownership to the pair and just remove liqudiity in more tranactions


Yes, I tried to get that out with more transaction, 16% worked, but more is not possible.., so I will try to transfer the owner ship the one thing is where I can do this I don't see the option to transfer the owner

That option is not supported, as evident in the bscscan webpage which you've linked at the beginning of your question:
The "closest" option is renounceOwnership, but that's probably not going to help you with your goal.

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So i can't change max tax and can't change the owner how do I get the lp out o.O

You can remove 30000000000 tokens per tx

I am not allowed to withdraw that much (30000000000) see picture

Use wbnb instead of bnb

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