Cannot interact with contract to remove liquidity

I can't seem to interact with the contract to remove liquidity in our V1 token to bring it to the V2. I used the proper wallet with Pancake, but my pool won't even show up on the your pools list.

Is there a way to get the liq out via pancake or interacting with the contract "write" section directly?

Details below

Liq pool contract:

Token attached to liq pool:


It seems like this is Router V2, sorry, I did not find the Router V1 contract address in their docs, maybe you can ask the pancake team. Then you can interact with Router V1 to remove liquidity.

hey @Pitquidity
can you try these steps please:

  1. use WBNB when removing liquidity

  2. disable swapEnabled

  3. set _maxTxAmountBuy to a huge number

and be sure that the address you are using is exempt from fee and limits

Also if you can't see the pool can you share with us the wallet you are using?

It should be one of these: