BSC Contract - Dev needed

Hi, I would like a contract developed with the following tokenomics. (
Would be happy to consider cash and token arrangements):

0% reflection/tax, when someone “buys” e.g. swap from BNB to MyCoin on PancakeSwap
//this is so it’s welcoming

0% reflection/tax When someone “transfer” e.g. send to a friend’s wallet
//this is so it’s social and you can give/borrow from friends/family

5-30% reflection/tax (depending on transaction size) When someone “sells” e.g. swap from MyCoin to BNB
//this is so it’s anti-large whale dumps. If a whale does dump quickly the community gets 30% reflection… if the whale dumps very slowly they can keep their tax nearer to 5%. I have already considered the psuedo-code for this last part… I just have never done Solidity

// simple sexy straightline function y=mx+c where c=0 and slope m=0.00248
// goes from 0% community reflection at 0 transaction size
// to maximum 30% community reflection at 121million (0.1% volume)
ReflectionTaxPercent= txamount x 0.00248 //gets percentage of tax
ReflectionAmount = ReflectionTaxPercent x txamount //multiplies to get txamount

Yo, this is doable. you can DM me and drop your TG or discord if you want so we can start discussing details

I’m looking for the exact same thing. Please contact me on TG @justperfectlol

a whale could just split his desired sell amount into multiple small transfers to prevent being taxed highly in your scenario :wink:

Add me on TG or Discord if you need help or assistance.