Breaking change? - "events is not iterable" - Getting this error, was working before

I have a sentinel monitoring a smart contract event.
The event is conditional in solidity. But it is emitted after someone mints.
I don't know if anything's changed but my sentinel/autotask has been working for around 1 month with no problems.
However now when it runs, the autotask fails with the error

"events is not iterable"

The code is below in solidity.

        emit Registered(amountReg, _string, tokenId,msg.sender);

My autotassk code is copied from the example in the openzeppelin docs:

exports.handler = async function(payload) {
  const conditionRequest = payload.request.body;
  const matches = [];
  const events =;
  for(const evt of events) {
       hash: evt.hash,

Any help will be appreciated, as this has broken my whole Dapp.
i don't know if any change has been made but events appears different now.

Hi @apple8er

It looks like you might have setup the autotask as a trigger, rather than a condition. Removing the autotask from the Notifications section of your sentinel, and selecting it as part of the Custom Condition section should resolve the issue.

Hope that helps!