Can't sentinel catch multi transaction(event) in 1block

I'm doing NFT Minting test, when 10 user occur tx in 1 block, sentinel can catch only 1 tx event

:computer: Environment

ERC721 Transfer Event catch (from==0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) in sentinel and pass event data to Autotask


I'm testing ERC721 contracts in Rinkeby network.

NFT Contract was testing whether Autotask could be run by catching all events in Sentinel because there was a possibility of a lot of TX instantaneously. However, the test result did not catch more than one TX event in 1 block, and the TX event in the next block was detected.

Is there a separate function to detect multiple events? Or is it a function that Sentinel does not support? Or is it Sentinel's error?

Hey @sanghyun! The sentinel should be catching all matched txs in the block. Keep in mind that, if you have connected an Autotask to your sentinel, the Autotask is invoked at most once per block with all the matching txs of that block. So if you have multiple matches in a block, you'd see a single Autotask run, but with the information from all matches in that block. Please let us know if that's not the case, and point us to the sentinel and block that are causing issues!