Can't filter in Sentinel by Contract conditions(events)

I'm trying to filter the detected events inside Sentinel/Contract conditions(events) but I am not able to access some of the variables of the event

:computer: Environment

Sentinel and Contract conditions(events)


I'm trying to read the information of the event "OrderFulfilled" of the Opensea Seaport contracts, this event has some variables that can be used as filters orderHash, offerer, zone, recipient, offer, consideration. The variables "offer" and "consideration" are arrays of structs, and I need to filter by some information inside those arrays. I wonder if it is possible to do it here.

My goal is to filter events of Opensea seaport by the events related to my NFT contract address, this address comes inside that event "OrderFulfilled" inside the first element of the variable order. Something like this offer[0].token.
I was trying to do a filter by my NFT address to avoid receiving information about all the other NFTs that are sold on Opensea which can be overwhelming.
One approach I tried was to send the detected "OrderFulfilled" events and filter into an autotask using javascript, but this approach is not going to work because defender only allows 120 autotask runs every hour, which will be exceeded very easily by the detected sales on opensea.

I need to get only the sale events of my NFT address to use that information for another smart contract or an external API.

:1234: Code to reproduce

Create a sentinel in defender using this opensea seaport address in mainnnet: 0x00000000006c3852cbEf3e08E8dF289169EdE581
and then try to filter by using the event "OrderFulfilled" with the variables offer or consideration.

Hey @Hanzel_Anchia,

Sorry for the late reply, I had to double-check this manually and I confirmed it's not working.

Given that said, thanks for the detailed explanation. Indeed this is something we've already identified and we have an internal ticket for it. I'm noting this conversation there so we can get back to you whenever we implement it and pump its priority, but unfortunately for now it's not available.