Notifications not sent when autotask triggers


I set a relayer, autotask, and sentinel for a smart contract. When the function being monitored is called the sentinel triggers the autotask which takes the needed action I have configured as expected.

The notifications platform I set up to receive notifications as shown below didn’t get any. My setup is correct as I got a test response as shown below. I'm I missing anything?

Hey @dev-Cnote, could you share the ID (or URL) of the sentinel you're having problems with, so we can look into it?

sentinel id 046be686-8994-4a8b-a71b-89b8f99df996

@spalladino does that suffice? Do you need anything else?

Hey @dev-Cnote, I see that that Sentinel has Autotask "Update###" configured both as a condition and as a trigger. If an autotask is set up as condition, then the Sentinel will call it on every potential match, and expect it to return whether it is indeed a match or not using this response schema. If it fails to do so, the Sentinel will assume it was a non-match.

To fix this, unset the autotask as a condition from your sentinel, or have it return the matches object for the txs that should be matched.