BEP20 deflation token with LP through COINTOOL?

I’m trying to deploy a deflationary token through cointool with 3 transaction fees.
ATM I’m trying through BSC testnet but there’s a few issues with this, mainly that I can’t deploy a fake token with LP fees through testnet, and can’t set liquidity, so my test is very theoretical. But I’ve hit some snags and questions:

  1. Deflationary token, 10% fees: 4% redistribution, 3% to wallet (to fund liquidity later on), 3% liquidity pool (on testnet I’ve had to set as 3% burn fees instead just to keep the numbers). However, just through a few distributions I can see that 10% goes from each transaction, but the 4% that’s supposed to be reflected onto holders wallets doesnt seem to go anywhere - it’s just missing?
    Not sure if this is because I’m sending from my address to others (to the burn address and to someone else’s wallet), it’s not from the contract address - but the other fees work fine so…?

See here:
→ 0xd8 is my main wallet; 0x3f is the wallet for fees; 0x4a is someone else’s wallet. So I was testing it by sending 100 tokens to burn wallet, or 1000 tokens to 0x4a.

  1. This brings my second question: let’s say it is a 3% liquidity fee, not burn fee. This means I have to set liquidity first before sending the tokens anywhere out of my wallet? So:
    Create token → set up liquidity pool → burn tokens/send to contract address/lock LP tokens would have to be the order I go in?

  2. It seems that the deflationary cointool token doesnt have a function to exclude my address from fees while I do these steps? Otherwise I would do that, then remove the exclusion.

Any tips?
Would it be easier to do this through remix instead by using similar contracts? e.g. like the safemoon contract but with an extra function for the third fee?

Just to let you know, the reflection part of the code doesn’t apply to the owner. The owner doesn’t have to pay that tax. You should test the reflection by sending the token to wallet A, then have wallet A send to wallet B.