Bonfire token with auto burn feature

Hi I need help creating a similar bonfire token but with an added auto burn feature - how would I go about doing this, the bonfire token currently has the following tokenomics
5% fee auto added to the liquidity pool and locked forever
5% fee auto distributed to all holders
I would however like to add another fee on transactions i.e. a 5% burn of tokens to the BSC dead wallet How would I go about achieving this?

I have done something similar
Check this:


You can try my safemoon rewrite which makes adding fees trivial

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bro can i clone and edit this please i imagine it actually works unlike mo
st contracts lol

Yes sure. Open source is freedom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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tanks freezy much appreciated <3

This is written quite nicely. Way better than the original safemoon contract.

you are a great person

i want to get tax fee, where do i add my own addresses

I also want to forward the burned address to another address instead of 0x0. I will send from there to 0x0 on the first day of every month

By default all accounts are included in rewards. You can exclude using the functions you find inside code.
If you want to change the burn address just replace it with one of your choice

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I did these but I couldn't find where the tax goes
and the total supply does not decrease after combustion


here the supply is not decreasing it sends 0x0
how do i fix this

Thanks. FreezyEx.
Your code is somewhat valuable. :+1:

Hey, I tried this, but it is not working...

Yes the burn just send tokens to burn, doesn't reduce total supply

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Can you give more details? what is not working?

I understand, is it possible to reduce the total supply

where is the tax fee address, i couldn't see it

What do you mean with tax fee address?
Btw yes is possible to reduce total supply reducing _tTotal and _rTotal

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is there a function for this(_tTotal , _rTotal)


So where does that 3% go?

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it represents the % of the reflection fee

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What address does this fee go to (0x0)(_taxfee)

Hello FreezyEx. Thank you for writing the contract. I am testing it. Everything looks great but I have a question regarding the burn functionality. If it doesn't reduce total supply, what is it used for?

I have a list of holders:

This in an example of a transfer with tokens sent to the burn address:

Since the 0x0000... address is not in my holders list and had tokens sent to it, why hasn't the total supply gone down? Isn't it calculated based on what holders hold?