BEP20 token questions


I’ve got a few questions about token deployment and liquidity. I want to create a token that has a use and believe that it will be interesting. But like others I have some questions. Hope someone can help. I know that the answers I’m looking for depend on the project, but if anyone has experience and wants to help, just pretend that this is a project that you’re involed in and explain why or why you would not do certain things.

I need a very simple token. I’m thinking of a total supply of 100,000,000, a fee(4%) that will be used as a giveaway, a fee(4%) that goes to the PancakeSwap liquidity pool, and maybe a small percentage(2%) that goes to users. I see tokens that start off with trillions and then burn. I read that this is mostly used for maketing … look, we burned 500 million tokens, price will go up. Are there any cons to having a supply of 100,000,000 ?

  1. Is it ok to create a token using an online app like I created a test token, which works on Smart Chain Testnet but when I copied the code to Remix, it had some warnings and errors. So is it better to configure the token, and then use Remix to sort out the bugs and then deploy from Remix? I’ve been reading about Truffle and want to give it a try, but I already created a test token with cointool which worked as expected. Only thing I wasn’t able to test was the liquidity option, something that’s very confusing.

  2. Another issue is the liquidity. This is the most confusing. Let’s say that I want to have 100mil tokens what would be a good start that will protect the token from whales, be attractive to users and keep it from running out? Will the automatic liquidity be enough? For instance … should I put up half of the tokens and then the rest later? Or save some for myself and put up the rest? What are the best practices for something like this? What turns users away from a token? What happens when liquidity runs out? Do I have to provide a lot of BNB in order to keep the tokens from being purchased by a single user? Any advice from an experienced user would be great here.

  3. I can offer the token in a pre sale that will help with the liquidity, but I’m not completely sure how to do this on Pancake Swap. I will look this up. Any links discussing this are appreciated.

  4. Burn - I don’t want to burn any tokens. Should I leave this option open just in case I decide to eventually burn some tokens? Is burning simply sending tokens to an address ? How can an address be completely unmanageable?

  5. Mint - I don’t want to mint any more tokens. Shoud I just return false in the mint function?

  6. If the token gets picked up by an exchange, does a new liquidity pool have to be set up on that exchange? I know the answer is yes. I just want to confirm it.

  7. Will all the fees still work if the token is picked up by an exchange?