And yet I need two price charts in one

The first price chart represents the movement of the DEX price. The second graph is the price level at which the project is able to buy back all the coins that the project has put into circulation, and it should depend on the amount of money in the project's wallets. (i.e., coins that are not released to the market should not have “collateral” as they are not in circulation. That is, coins that are in project wallets are excluded.
That is, there are two price charts on one chart.
As a result, the user always sees the price level, to which the price can only theoretically fall. Since when the price falls, the buyback of assets begins.
As a result, the user, having information about two charts on one, can determine for himself where the overbought and oversold zones are for him. This limits unreasonable purchases and also guarantees some safety of funds.
I give 3,000,000 project coins to whoever does it. Until the end of 2024. 3,000,000 coins is a minimum of $3,000,000, but in 20-27 years.