Is there a bot that aims to buy back all the tokens released to the market by the project?

This bot will be useful to me not immediately, but in the future.
The bot has no right to transfer tokens, it has the right to use only with the selected DEX exchange.
The bot looks at how many stablecoins it has and places a virtual limit order to buy at a price at which it can buy back all the tokens released by the project to the market. Each time the bot receives stablecoins, it raises virtual limit orders, as it will be able to buy back all the project tokens at a higher price.
an additional function of the bot is a changeable % of tokens from the total number of project tokens. This feature allows you to put 20 bots. Each of them is ready to buy 5% of the total number of tokens. This is necessary to diversify risks.
The bot also publishes its wallet data and the price level at which its virtual limit orders are located on the Internet. Updates this data every second.
The main task of the bot is to create a protective volume, but a decrease below which can be on any exchange, but it will be a surge, as it will be leveled by arbitrage bots.