To allow trading on the stock exchange with leverage means giving your project to the stock exchange to be torn to pieces?!

After my project becomes top, I plan to allow only spot trading of the project token. I think 95% of people will lose all their money trading with leverage. Psychologically, most users who have lost all their money never return to the coin. They don't want to remember. But if a person, even if he left, lost some of his money on spot trading, then he will return and look at the chart. That is, he remains a fan of the project.
So why let users lose money when trading with leverage. This is their choice, this is the wrong answer. You don't want your 18 year old son to lose all his money in a game like this. You won't let him do it. Of course, this is beneficial for exchanges, large volumes mean large commissions + swaps (+ hunt for stop losses). Yes, it gives liquidity to the project. But it allows naive people to lose money trading with leverage. I don't understand the meaning of leverage in cryptocurrencies. This is not oil going to the buyer in a tanker, but the seller is afraid of a price drop and opens a short position for two weeks, hedging the risk of a price decrease.
So the question is, if you support trading with leverage, then how do you tell the user that he needs to take the risk of losing a titmouse, which he definitely has in his hands, in an attempt to catch a crane that is in the sky?
Would you say that the inclusion of leveraged games would have earned the founder more respect?

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That is not something you can technically control. So this not a useful question/ discussion.

No thanks, we're too smart guys.