Help with BSC / bep - 20 Initial Price

Hi Guys! Sort of new to the dev space! Need a little advice.

I've watched a lot of tutorials and read through a lot of guides. They all cover the same general things.

For example, say I wanted to deploy a contract for a new coin for my friends and I. Say I have 1 BNB for initial liquidity, and there is a supply of 1,000,000,000 1 billion.

When adding liquidity initially, how would i set the market cap of the coin to reflect properly? I understand its good to add say 50% off liquidity , so if i was to do that with 1 bnb , how do I make it so it doesnt reflect a whacky $253,351,000 market cap?

p.S A lot of the guides just randomly put a bnb and liq amount as they never actually do a transaction/ from a fresh coin perspective.

this is a shameless bump :slight_smile: