Token Chart for Etherscan Test


I would like to know if is possible to view the chart for test token on etherscan test or bscscantest? If yes, which one, poocoin, dextool?

For productive, I can just paste the contract address to poocoin in the end of the URL.

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what do you mean? tokens on testnets have no real value, why do you want a chart for them?

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Well, I want to make some test buys over my own Exchange. I’ve created already a liquidity pool over Pancakeswap and I need to access to liquidity pool and want to make some buy and sell tests. I want to be sure that I the buys and sells interacting correctly with the liquidity.

ooh i see, well no theres no tool that allows you do to that afaik. You’d need to call the getPairReserves function and run all the calculations by yourself

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