After sending token to your own address

This is my first post and I don’t know it’s under the right category, if not please correct me.
I just deployed bep20 token and want to send some token out to the contract address to sell it . Since I am the owner, so I have to set the liquidity for the token in pancake swap. My question is if I put out like 2 mil token to the contract address, ppl who want to buy and trade it on pancake swap and use the BNB to swap it . Will the BNB go to me? if so which wallet they will go to?

Thanks for any answer

To enable trading you need to supply the initial liquidity (token + BNB). This (LP Token) will be added to a newly created contract for your token-BNB pair. All buys and sells go to/from this contract. So no, you will not receive that BNB.

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Thanks for the reply, and I will search on google again to see can find more useful info.


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