I am looking for a token developer for a project

Good evening we are looking for some programmer who can help us start our project.
The project is based on the creation of a deflationary token BEP20 with the following characteristics:
5% commission recognition to holders on each transaction.
3% Transfer of each transaction to the pancakeswap pool.
Transfer of 5% of each transaction to a dedicated portfolio for start-ups and charities.
1% Burn on each transaction
It will also be necessary to make a presale with references and, once finished, help to insert the right reference value in the liquidity pool and give it up, so as to put investors in safety.
The project is based on the competition each year of start-ups and charitable associations.
The winners after the community vote will have our tokens in exchange to be able to sell them and with them obtain the liquidity to start their projects.
The first 3 winning start-ups will have to recognize royalties for life that will be redistributed to the founders of the company and to the partners who will follow us in the project.
As for the charity, we will not ask for any financial return.
We have already created the site but it is not yet the final one.
We also have a preliminary draft of white paper but that too must be reshaped based on the knowledge that will be given to us by those who will help us in the launch of the token.
At this point I ask for your availability and help to start everything and understand how much it can cost us. We don't have a lot of money to spend, but we can make you part of the project and recognize a part of the tokens and annuities for life. Awaiting your kind reply, I offer cordial greetings.
Contact me at this email : th3nd(at)tiscali.it

Happy to discuss this further. Please send me a message.