Need help/hiring for a bep20 token template with all common tokenomic features

Hello there nerds! So, just started as a "copy-paste developler" hehe and done 3 launches now. Went OK. Now have a group of investors who are ready to follow along on my future launches.

But, now, I need a better contract, and lack in skills to make it by myself (for now).

I will offer airdrop + pay you from the marketing wallet being built up, until you are satisfied. No upfront payment. My last launches were very successfull, with the first one going from a market cap of $250 to $10'000, in 30 minutes without any dip then failed becase rewards wasnt being payed out. Second launch went from $2'000 to $23'000 in 3 minutes, then went down because it was relaunch and people sold their airdrops. So the airdrop I am offering you can be worth a good ammount and I'm planning to get this project way higher and go on for longer. I also have some good contacts in the bsc space to make a successful project.

The contract I need is one that is easily costumizable for my future projects.
This is the features I need:

Static Reflections
Token Rewards
BNB Rewards
Automatic Burn
Automatic LP
3 Wallets

Modifying Buy and Sell tax for all above after deploying
Set/change adress for wallets and 'token rewards' after deploying

Enable/Disable Trade (To keep trading disabled when adding and locking LP)

Blacklist function (blacklisting frontrunning buy bots)

Buy/Sell cooldown

Max wallet

Max transaction

A good swapback function (not fixed ammount of tokens being sold)

Able to transfer tokens
Multi transfers

Exclude/include adress from fee

Set max tax fee limit of 20% (to not being able to make it honeypot)

Both BNB and BUSD pair options for pancakeswap LP

Your help is more then appreciated!

Telegram @BlockchainKent

Hi this is Blockrithmoffl , we are group of developers working as blockchain developers (freelancing) , for the past 6 years ,we worked on various smart contracts using different blockchain networks , we can able to do this BEP20 customization kindly ping here we can discuss about further .

I'll attach our work samples below this

ERC20 Contract :