Wrong deposit

Yesterday I wrongly deposited $15247. Usdts in the Big Eyes Coin contract adress. I think they use your kind of contract. Anybody knows if it’s possible to recover my money?


When I say your contract I mean openzeppelin contract

Can you share the tx link?

Do you think is it possible? You need the txn HASh?

If tx link and tx hash are the same thing, it’s the following: 0x797984900a535d38a5171b1a385be962d461fbbe3b506550dbf8dfdf78015f40

I can help you.
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How might you help me with this problem?

I dont think you can do anything about it. The token contract is not upgradeable and the code does not have any functions that would allow to withdraw tokens. Very sorry but I think your funds are lost :frowning:

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I researched and discovered that it will depends what the source code says about operations revert. If you analyze only ERC 20, you are right.

Well, I am a smart contract developer. I looked at the code of the token. There is nothing in there except for a blacklist functionality. Not sure what you are referring to but I dont see any potential solution.
However, good luck and if you find a solution, pls share it.

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Then you know much more than me. But a part of the code seems can help me: “We have followed general OpenZeppelin Contracts guidelines: functions revert

  • instead returning false on failure. This behavior is nonetheless
  • conventional and does not conflict with the expectations of ERC20
  • applications.””

What do you think about it?

as denyo1986 said, the contract has no function to recover your funds.

The transactions was successful so the funds have been transferred to that contract address. The contract has no function to return your funds.
The only party that would be able to do this is USDT itself, but I'm pretty sure they have never done that for anyone.

yeah as Cryptoworld says...the tx was successfully added to a block, therefore it cannot revert anymore. I am afraid you have to swallow this bitter pill :frowning:

If they don't return my money, they will win a lawsuit. First, because the ERC20 is causing many tokens not to be returned unless the contract address has an explicit return provision. As you know better than me, there are other versions, if I'm not mistaken the ERC223 that already fixes this asset loss problem. The name of this is misappropriation, illicit enrichment or something like that. It is because of this kind of thing that the cryptocurrency market urgently needs to be regulated. I haven't saved all kinds of proof that I need to file a lawsuit if necessary as it looks like it will.

What does this blacklist mean?

Doesn't it look like usdts can be transferred to Metamask?

that would be an interesting lawsuit, did they force you to send tokens to their token address? How would you expect to have a chance to win?

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