Send USDT to a USDC smart contract

Yeah I understand this is a mistake. I sent over $500 to a USDC address using USDT and I am just told:

Because that is not the USDC address, but the contract, the Ethereum contract cannot be tampered with. We cannot get USDT from USDC contracts.

The etherscan shows this was success and it deposited using ERC20. I have NO CLUE if anything at all can be done. I am just told it’s gone but I guess i’m here to ask if this true.

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I am sorry to hear that, it seems like you sent USDT directly to the USDC contract, right? If so, I think you have got to ask the admin of the contract USDC for help, maybe they can help you.
Other than that, I can’t think of any other way

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Yeah it’s complete trash is the Bobcat miner site. this company accepts only mugglepay and they claim they use a smart contract that they have power to help with as their money sent to the wallet address gets forwarded and they have no power to transfer any usdt that was sent to a usdc wallet even though it shows in their wallet address and it was sent via ERC20. Binance does nothing to help. The owner does nothing to help. It’s literally complete garbage of support.

Same thing happened to me. Were you able to get to a resolution? I would imagine muggle pay could do something about it? Sent to the exact address provided on the checkout page using erc 20 and did not notice the usdc instead of usdt smh. Now I’m scrambling to try to get me funds back

also same thing just happend to me, u guys found any solutions yet?

Mugglepay refuses to help with the issue. Bobcat support told me that they cannot help with the issue. USDT emailed me and told me they verified the money is sitting on the wallets address and the owner of the wallet can assist with the issue. I have all this information and a legal team should be involved with this issue. Bobcat’s website directs you to Mugglepay to make your payment for their product. This issue has not been addressed at all.

I am having same issue 2 days ago I done it. But mine was through coinbase commerce still awaiting from a reply from them. However bobcatminer 300 refuse that payment is with them and nothing is recieved and they cannot help me in anyway.

Not sure what to do next if coinbase cannot help as I have the failed customer ID from themselves.

I’ve provided all details to bobcat. txid Id all reference numbers proof of payment etc etc

Also just a note I sent USDT with ERC20 to the bobcat address provided which should have been in USDC

“Also just a note I sent USDT with ERC20 to the bobcat address provided which should have been in USDC”
I did the same, any solution yet?