Need help to recover funds sent to wrong address


long story short.. i screwed up.

I couldn't reach to Matic devs so I am reaching to you guys.

I have sent my Matic from my Binance account to this contract(Flokifootball token): 0x3974cf37eFbD390bE3afa503Eb5209C79f6ea28c instead of my metamask account. :frowning:

here is a polygonscan transfer:
Address 0x3974cf37efbd390be3afa503eb5209c79f6ea28c | PolygonScan

I was also talking to devs of flokifootbal token and they dont know if it is even possible to send matic back to me.

Do you know if there is a chance to retrieve the funds? Maybe from Matic dev side?

Is here anyone who could help me or point me to right direction?

Thank you!

I'm really sorry.

It's a difficult situation. The first problem is that you sent funds on Matic, but there is no contract on Matic at that address, because the contract is on BSC. Even if the contract code had a way to retrieve the funds, the devs would need to find a way to deploy it at the same address on BSC, which can be doable but can potentially be a lot of work, and can also go wrong. I don't even know if the code has the ability to retrieve the funds, I had a quick look, but the code is complicated and I can't tell easily. If there is a way, it is probably convoluted and requires someone with a deep understanding of the contract to design it.

The Matic devs would not be able to help you recover the funds either.

Thank you!

Appreciate your feedback.