Witnessed a new type of scam on BEP20(new for me)

I witnessed an astonishingly disgusting scam today.
This was the contract.

The dev added 60 bnb liquidity first and burned it all, and then also renounced the ownership.
This created a buying frenzy as everyone thought it was safu and had potential due to its high liquidity.
Then we got to know that selling more than 0.2 bnb wasn’t allowed and later dev removed all the lp even though it was burned and contract was renounced.
How did they do that?
What should we as investors look in the code to avoid getting scammed like this in future?

The dev walked away with 200bnb and this made me sick to the gut

Help appreciated!

The “burn” function is actually a mint function.
Dev minted a tonne of new tokens and sold them: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xe02a1babfa40320ca1b4e7fd09e068e7b43c2a1368b2fbea550452541b8617cf

Not sure why the sells have the transferred number of tokens as “0”, but I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.