What is the main use of defender?

Hello All,

Please help me with the use of defender, why Defender is useful?

Can we deploy our contract through Defender?


Defender is for smart contract automation, monitoring and management. You can use it in a variety of ways. Within the app, there are several components.

  • Admin for managing a Gnosis Safe multisig or running contract functions (like pause, upgrade, etc.)
  • Relay can be used wherever you would use an account (sending and receiving transactions, etc.)
  • Autotask for running a bit of logic to respond to events or on a scheduled basis
  • Sentinels for monitoring transactions on your accounts.

Each of these components is quite flexible. Here is a really great overview of Defender's functionality.

Thanks for the response Stephen.

Can you please help me with the Autotask in it? Bacause I can not understand which type of script we can write there for automation.

And Can we deployed or Verify our contract from the defender?

Defender is not for deploying/verifying smart contracts. You'd want to use something like Hardhat or Remix for deploying and then a plugin such as hardhat-etherscan to verify the contract's source code. Defender needs the contract to have source code verified to be able to interact with it.

Regarding autotasks:

Generally, think of Autotasks as lambda functions.