AUTOTASK defender

I was to write script for the function call in js . is thier any video related to that or is their any video regarding using of defender-autotask-client how to install and how to import in openzeppelin defender.? in writen or in video . if not plz look into this and share one on channel


Thanks for reaching out!

Just to confirm you are interested in a video on how to use defender-autotask-client from within Autotasks itself?

Use cases:

  • create a new autotask
  • update autotask
  • invoke autotask
  • list autotasks
  • delete autotasks?

Any specific use case you are interested in?

defender-autotask-client is preinstalled and ready for use by importing it in a regular way.
You can find some written examples here. They are written to be invoked locally. Minimal changes are required to be invoked from Autotasks.

Looking forward to hear about the cases you are trying to accomplish so we can cover them.


i am taking about this code as this screenshot it is has example code for sendTranscation . now i need to write to this script code for mint or any other function how could i write or generate those .
i also find the to generate script in js from ts from github . now want to know how to write it.

Thanks for adding more context.

Logic from screenshot is boilerplate code that can be used in case it suits your needs.
Currently we do not support automatic code generation.

Here are some Autotasks examples that can come handy for your use case.
Documentations about Relayers integration with Autotasks should also be helpful.
And finally examples from client libraries.

Hope that this helps!
We are working on improving our documentation and UX. Request for more documentation in video format is noted.


okay thank man !! are u guys on discord?