Openzeppelin defender (proxy)

i wan to know when i deploy a proxy why it is fetching only ABI of proxy smart contract function but not able to fetch function of smart contract that is connected to proxy smart contract

Are you referring to the implementation contract containing admin functions?

If so, adding the implementation contract to defender Would most likely solve your problem.

okay thanks and what about how to write snipet javascript code for autotask . i have written smart contract and i want to hit function of my smart contract in autotask with those script how could i able to write those script . according to my contract function

I’m not sure, I don’t have so much experience with auto task. Hopefully someone else can advise you :slight_smile:

Hi @_Akash_Garg,

Thanks for reaching out!

Here are some documentations to get you started with autotask so you can create autotask directly from Defender and programmaticaly.
First there is the official documentation.
There is also a great workshop that leverages autotask mint an NFT collectible in response to an ERC20 trades on Uniswap, it can help you understand how to build a system with different Defander features, there is also a video at the end of the article if you rather watch the video.

You can also create autotasks programmatically you can find examples of this in github

Hope those get you rolling!