Openzeppelin defender hardhat plugin

hello community, I would like to share a plugin that I created for hardhat that integrates the modules of the referent defender api, allowing a more effective and organized integration :grinning:

I look forward to your feedback :grinning:


Hey @asmel,

This is amazing!, we really appreciate your hard work, and also we'd like to know more about a use case for this.

Going through the README I think there's still some improvements to do in regards to the documentation, however, it's still something I personally think might help to setup Defender environments from code, which is one of our future roadmap items.

Can you write any tutorial for doing so? Or examples?
I'll forward this to the team and get back to you with some more feedback.


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hi @ernestognw

Thanks for your comment :grinning:, I am going to prepare a repository with use cases, and small examples, I could also send you a demo video, only since my native language is Spanish and my English is very basic, I could send it without audio

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Hey Asmel,

Sounds good, as I said, I see this as a good way to setup a Defender environment using it. Like creating sentinels, relayers, and for example, setup a deployment via relayer and immediately creating sentinels to monitor the deployment.

Feel free to post a tutorial in the forum or anything similar, I think @slw.eth might help/guide you if needed :smiley:

Hey @ernestognw

I share the repository of examples that I built and also the update of the plugin documentation


I look forward to your opinion :smiley:


The plugin seems great, thanks for putting this together and for the example usages in your sample repo! It seems like a good package to import to help simplify things when spinning up a new project.

One thought: What would you think about the idea of incorporating the Wizard API as well? If you wanted this to serve as a solid starting point for bootstrapping new projects, incorporating Wizard in the mix could be interesting, too.

hi @slw.eth

Thank you for your comment about the plugin.

I am going to study Wizard Api in depth, to find the possible use cases to perform an integration, I am also preparing an update to make the openzeppelin defender packages available in the hardhat console.

since I would like to create an environment for the creation of autoTask, sentinel and relayer within the same project and easy to configure.

As soon as I have the first demo I will inform you so that you can review it and tell me your opinion