What happens when you mint new tokens will you need to add liquidity to the newly minted tokens?

1.What happens when you mint new tokens will you need to add liquidity to the newly minted tokens in order for it to be tradable?

  1. Secondly I just created a token I want to distribute the token to different addresses, do I do this before or after I’ve added liquidity?

  2. Is it advisable to add liquidity to my total supply?


A token of itself has no value at all. So you can mint however much you want without changing anything.
What you are talking about is using a AMM pool or something similar like uniswap/pancakeswap.

The basic principle of those pools is simple. You put in an amount of token x and an amount of token y (what you call providing liquidity).
Let’s say you create a pool with 100 tokenX and 100 tokenY then tokenX has the same value of tokenY. Now let’s say someone executed a “swap” and there are 75 tokenX and 25 tokenY left. Now tokenX is only 1/3 in value of tokenY. if you want to swap 3 tokenX you will only get 1 tokenY back. (The math is different then that but it’s the basic idea.

So let’s now you will mint 1 million of tokenX. This changes nothing in the pool. The pool will only change if you exchanged/swap those tokens in that pool for tokenY making tokenX worth less and less.

By adding liquidity to the pool you will make the impact of swapping tokens less impactful (price of x compared to y changes less).

So to answer the question. No minting more tokens does not change anything. However if you want to add those tokens to the pool so people can swap/buy them and you don’t want to change the price then yes, you will need to add liquidity in the same balance as currently is in the pool.

This should also answer question. If you don’t add liquidity before the other address tries to swap them in you pool then the value of your token will be lower.

Question 3 I don’t understand what you are asking. However if you want people to be able to swap/exchange your tokens then you will have to create a pool for that and if you don’t provide a lot of liquidity in that pool then the price will become extremely high as there not much to exchange against and impacting the price a lot for every swap. (That is also why you always provide a slippage when you swap tokens, because the more tokens you swap the more expensive they become. Changing the amount you get)

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Thank you very much for the answer, I really appreciate
Soo basically I mean is it advisable to add liquidity to all my total supply or a few percent of my supply

The more liquidity you can provide in the swap pool the better.

Sorry one more
Can I add sepolia eth liquidity to my tokens deployed on sepolia eth network?

I think that should work, never checked the contract so not sure if the pool accepts token & eth but I assume it would. T