Create liquidity pool

if i create a liquidity pool for my token to set price
any one else can create liquidity pool or not ?

From my understanding

  • A liquidity pair is created only once (e.g. ERCTOKEN/WETH) and cannot be deleted. Removing all the liquidity will always stay a minimum amount.
  • The first liquidity provider will determine the ratio and price the token is traded for.
  • All holders of the token can add liquidity to the pair by sending both tokens and receiving LP Token for that pair for it.

So to answer your question, after you created a liquidity pool, others will be able to add liquidity to the pair.

I think for most of the DEXs, just like the AG23 said, like Uniswap V2, and for others, like Uniswap V3, Alice can add liquidity, for example, with 1 ETH and 2000 DAI, and Bob can add liquidity with 1 ETH and 3000 DAI

so every holder can create liquidity
it's bad for a token or not.
if for example, I have 1000 total supply token
I airdrop 300 before creating liquidity
and I create liquidity with 500/1BNB so
witch token gives a price
does the airdrop token give a price?

When creating your ERC20 token, tokens are created and sent to 1 or more addresses specified in your contract.

Let's say you send all tokens to 1 address at creation. Then that one address can only create a Liquidity Pool (LP) for that token because no one else owns that token. That one address would first have to send tokens to another address first before that other address can create an LP.

Also the moment you have made an LP and other buy your tokens they can add their tokens back to the LP and earn a % commission from trades.

So yes theoretically every holder can create liquidity, but you can assume that the owner of the contract will create the liquidity pool and other holders will only be able to add liquidity after the pair is created.

In terms of the liquidity pool and the price. The price of a token is calculated by the ratio of tokenA and tokenB in the pool and the amount put in does not matter.

If you have a total supply of 1000 tokens, and you make an LP with 1 token and 1weth you can. If you then want to add 10 tokens to the liquidity pool, you also need 10weth to maintain the current ratio of 1:1.
During trading, this ratio will fluctuate, which is why price can shoot up and down.

If you want more information about this, I recommend that you read the uniswap docs.
Hopefully that makes it a bit more clear for you.

tnx on your excellent information
so about your answer
when I set a price
if I'm as owner liquidity of 50% of my token in the wallet
so another else person how token give price
in fact I have 50% token in my wallet non price so
I confused