Add only one token into a liquidity pair

Hi, I have a specific question about liquidity pools.

If I begin a new liquidity pool, let´s say 100 token A and 100 Token B.
Is it possible for me to add 100 token A in the pool on a later time, so that the total will be 200 token A and 100 token B?
Is it correct that, (if no trades are made in the meanwhile) Token B has doubled in value compared to token A?


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Well you can add 100 A & B into liquidity and then send any amount of tokens from each token to the pair address and then call the sync() function of the pair. This will update the reserves to match the tokens in the contract and will update your stake which as you own 100% of the pool.
So yes this would work but not through directly adding liquidity but sending tokens to the pool.

So, in just send tokens A ton the pair adress. And then call that sync function you mention?
How does that go? From where do I call that function?
Many thanks

You call the function on the pair contract. Either manually through your explorer or through a script your wrote. If that is already a problem that you can't figure out yourself and stop whatever your are trying and learn the basics before continuing anything at all.