What do you listen to when you code?

  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Colleagues
  • The outside world
  • Silence

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Please let the community know what your favorite music or podcast to work with is?


I mostly listen to music in the background whilst I work.
Everything Sucks! TV soundtrack is on repeat at the moment.

I would like to listen to podcasts but find it too distracting.

Outside is fairly quiet, except when the family is home and then it gets a bit louder.

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I love listening to ambient sounds like fireplace or rain sounds! A Soft Murmur is a good source for this, but I also like typing “japanese forest sounds” into YouTube and listening to some of the results. :man_shrugging::bamboo:


If I’m looking for some intense concentration I go directly with ambient music, Brian Eno being the best


Silence, nature sounds, or concentration music. Anything with words distracts me.


Thanks for popping over from Peepeth @jm9k

Any recommendations for nature sounds?

We used to live by a noisy road and had sea sounds playing at night. I should try that whilst coding.

What is concentration music?

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Well, for me “nature sounds”, that just means opening the window or taking a laptop into the back yard.

If you do a YouTube search for “concentration music” you will get a bunch of results. It’s usually just tones or simple piano music. Things that are designed to be pleasant but not distracting.

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I usually start with silence until I get something done and then I tend to play some house or trap haha but definitely no podcast

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Nina on Twitter said lowfi hip hop radio

Jessica on Twitter said depends on mood and the work

MutawaAhmed on Twitter said silence

David on a Discord said catastrophically heavy Drum & Base as it helps them focus.
Though I should start on the more easy going end of the spectrum

Andy on a Discord said they watch TV shows, new rather than old, otherwise they would get bored.

pear_to_pear on reddit said minimal techno playlists, mubert app, ambient. No vocals.

AndDontCallMePammy on reddit said anything but R&B

whatasillyworld on reddit said post rock/metal, though little to no vocals.

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Silence is the best but if it is noisy outside I go for ambient music like Emancipator.

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Bokky is listening to DreamChannel Radio, and now I am too.

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Loving Polo&Pan lately. Here’s an example:

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I came across Poolside multiple times this weekend, love the website.

David sent me: Slightly more sensible music to code to