I’m new to blockchain development, and really software development in general. But I’ve been actively following and learning about blockchain since 2017.

Even after the crash, I wanted to learn more about cryptocurrencies and the promises of blockchain. So I started soaking up all the information I could online.

I learned a lot and eventually enrolled in some online courses, Ivan on Tech Academy, to fill in any gaps. After going through all the basic blockchain courses to set my foundation, I started going through the blockchain developer track.

I started with JavaScript and ended in Solidity. I’m still learning everyday, but I was able to read and write basic smart contracts, write tests for them, and deploy them to the testnet by the end of the courses.

I continued my education by following several Dapp University tutorial videos. I later joined their developer community in order to learn more from more experience programmers. I also enrolled in their bootcamp which is teaching me to create a full stack decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

I’m a little over halfway through it, but there’s still a lot middleware for me to fill when using the React library. However, my focus is Solidity and smart contracts, so I often jump back to my Solidity projects to keep from getting rusty.