Newish podcast on crypto/defi security

Hello. We've been working on a podcast related to crypto and DeFi security and recently began doing 'open source audio audits' where we talk with founders, builders, hackers, and engineers about their approaches to securing (or breaking) their DApp/protocols/etc.

We just released our 13 Episode where we interview the founders of NiftyApes (one of whom is an original member of ETHSecurity group) about their approach to securing their DApp. We talk about basics like preventing DNS hijacking to more fun stuff like how they have planned for game theoretical attacks against NiftyApes protocol.

I would love to get feedback from the OZ community to see what you all think :pray:

You can find more info on our website Thanks for taking the time to read :slight_smile:

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Looks neat!

By the way, the HackMD link on your Gitcoin page is broken.

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Oh, I see that it was giving 403. Thanks for the info and taking a look!

I fixed it:

Thanks for sharing this here. I really appreciate that you take the time to get a bit technical with some of the areas you're looking into. It's super helpful to bridge technical understanding by putting things in layman's terms.
I'm adding yours to my podcast listening rotation.

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