What benefit is there for adding collateral (bonded KP3R) vs not bonding?

Can anyone help me understand what benefit there is from adding collateral, or bonded KP3R into the contract compared to not bonding any KP3R?

Also, what would be the process for adding collateral to an Autotask later in the future?

Thank you very much!

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Hi @BeauHawk,

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From the Keep3r Documentation: https://docs.keep3r.network/keepers

Jobs might require keepers that have a minimum amount of bonded tokens

Some jobs might have additional requirements such as minimum bonded protocol tokens (for example SNX). In such cases you would need to bond a minimum amount of SNX before you may qualify for the job.

Other than some jobs requiring a minimum amount of bonded tokens to perform Jobs, I don’t know if there is any other benefit to bonding.

I have posted this (waiting for approval) on https://gov.yearn.finance/c/projects/keep3r/20


Hi @BeauHawk,

It looks like the amount bonded can increase the amount of rewards. See some of the following posts:

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Hi @BeauHawk,

See the latest on rewards based on how much is bonded: