How to specify amount of Keep3r collateral?

Hi fam,

Just got my mainnet activated and i have registered as a keep3r. I would like to add some collateral, therefore i have sent some kp3r to the relay address and i am trying to figure out where in the code do we edit the collateral amount

is it here? and if yes, do i have to replace the 0x00 with how much for say… 10 KP3R tokens ?


thank you.

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Hi @katmai,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I am new to Keep3r Network so learning along with the rest of the community. For community members with more experience, feel free to correct.

I assume that collateralAmount is the amount of tokens to bond in Hex.

Though you can bond with 0 tokens as per the Keeper documentation:

The guide for setting up a Keeper using Defender can be found in the OpenZeppelin documentation:

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Hey @katmai! You’re right, you need to change the collateralAmount as you say. As to how much to bond, I cannot answer that for you, it depends on what your goal is for bonding. I don’t know any jobs currently requiring bonded tokens, so I cannot comment on what would be a good number.

Just keep in mind the decimals! KP3R, as many other ERC20s, use 18 digits as decimals. So, if you want to transfer 1 token, you actually need to specify 1000000000000000000 (1 followed by 18 zeros, or 1e18). As an example, if you wanted to bond 10 KP3R tokens, your code would look like:

const collateralAmount = 10e18.toString(); // 10 Tokens

Hope this helps!

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Hi @katmai,

I just wanted to follow up to see if you were able to specify the collateralAmount ?

to be completely honest i haven’t made up my mind yet, as to if i wanna bond it or not, just yet. the tasks haven’t rendered any profit yet, so i have no idea what i wanna do for the time being.

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