Using Viem in place of Ethers in a Defender 2.0 action?

I hope the title says it all.

Before I head too far down that path, is there any reason I shouldn't be able to use/import Viem as a module into my Defender action and use it in lieu of Ethers as my blockchain libary along with a Defender Relayer/Signer?

Thanks in advance.

Yes you can use / import viem in your Defender actions; however, the defender-sdk only supports web3.js and ethers.js at this time for use with our relayer/signer. Feel free to raise an issue in the defender-sdk repo requesting support for viem

I'd love to see viem support. Ethers botched v6 and things feel the same way things felt when web3.js was botched. I've been staying on v5 as long as possible and would jump to another library instead of bumping to v6