Can Nethereum be used with Defender Relay (OpenZeppelin Defender)?

Hello community,

I'm currently working on an Ethereum project and considering using Nethereum as my .NET library for interacting with Ethereum smart contracts. I've heard about Defender Relay (formerly known as OpenZeppelin Defender), and I'm interested in leveraging its features for smart contract management, automation, and access controls.

My question is, can Nethereum be used in conjunction with Defender Relay? If so, are there any specific integration steps or considerations I should be aware of? I would appreciate any insights, examples, or documentation links that could help me understand the process better.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

Hi @natashkinsasha

At the moment we do not have any official .NET packages for Defender

No official package for .net however they endpoints are all json api. So technically you can use the api’s without problems.