Defender Relay Client Ethers Issue

:computer: Environment

Node: 16.15.1
defender-relay-client: 1.27.0
ethers: 5.6.9



I'm currently experiencing an issue with defender-relay-client ethers signer that prevents any evm calls. It works fine with the standard Relayer class, but the ethers signer just returns undefined on any method.

:1234: Code to reproduce

const {
} = require("defender-relay-client/lib/ethers");
const { Relayer } = require("defender-relay-client");
const { Contract } = require("ethers");

const credentials = {
  apiKey: "xxx",
  apiSecret: "xxx",

function getOzRelayerSigner() {
  const provider = new DefenderRelayProvider(credentials);
  const signer = new DefenderRelaySigner(credentials, provider, {
    speed: "fast",
  return signer;

async function main() {
  const re = new Relayer(credentials);
  console.log(await re.getRelayer()); // works fine

  const relayer = getOzRelayerSigner();
  console.log(await relayer.getAddress()); // returns undefined
  console.log(await relayer.getTransactionCount()); // invalid bignumber value


Hey @farreldarian, thanks for reporting this!

I've tested it myself and I can confirm the behavior is what you mention. It seems like it's a client upgrade we recently did from version >1.26.0

I'll see what happened and send a fix for this. In the midtime, you can downgrade to version 1.25.0 and everything should work as expected.


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I've downgraded to 1.25.0 and it works.

Thanks for the help!

Always a pleasure.

We've just released a new Defender Client version with a fix, so you should be able to upgrade to >=1.27.1 without issues.