Pancakeswap message: I cannot sell tokens in this contract

I bought the tokens on pancakeswap and am trying to sell now but it is not confirmed and I get the message the input token cannot be transferred. There may be a problem with the entry code, as many buyers see the same message, and only fewer than 10 have sold.
What should I do, please reply you are here and virtuous teachers

Maybe just due to the error message you mentioned above, and if possible, please share the token address.

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I have three addresses that I have purchased and the message continues to cancel the sale of the deal:
BSC network
Token | Address 0xC8e49303caBc115324d240aAa72573353C769d2c | BscScan

It seems like ok, I found some successful transactions of buying and selling, so do you have a failed transaction?

this probably mean that your fee function is broken so try to deactivate all fees.

When you try to sell tokens on pancakeswap, the transaction request is rejected by pancakeswap

That was scam dont buy from this contact
its not SUI TOKEN