Can someone help me with my locked coins.. i cant sell on pancake

My address 0xF7f0a49B106679D552C6Ac1F75834b3AA9b32180

Contract: 0xcB7B5D5C4d8f5d02D0E7E3C5a8dF3b02e2029B83

This is just a Token Contract.

Selling must be going through some other contract, which you need to specify.

Also, please specify all the other relevant details, such us:

  • A list of your actions leading to the problem
  • A description of the problem
  • The expected result
  • The actual result

Here is the transaction detail:

I bought some Open Campus (EDU) on pancakeswap..

Now when i try to sell edu to bnb to pancake swap ot not allowing it..

The error code i get is..
This transaction will not succeed due to price movement.. i already tried using high slippage.. it still won't work

Nevertheless, this transaction has completed successfully (click the link that you've posted and see for yourself).

it's probably a scam token, money is gone with a 99.99% chance