Unable to approve Admin Task using Metamask + Ledger


We are unable to approve an admin task using Metamask + Ledger Nano S.
We tested using 2 different keys/computers.

We are first getting two signing request, a typed message, and a simple signature.

After validating both signatures, the Approving proposal... is displayed, but nothing changes.

In the Chrome console, we are getting an error message after the typed transaction:

MetaMask - RPC Error: MetaMask Message Signature: Error: Ledger: Only version 4 of typed data signing is supported

We are not getting any messages after the second transaction.

:computer: Environment

Chrome 105 on Linux and Windows, using Metamask 10.18.3 with a Ledger Nano S.
We are testing on the Fuji Avalanche testnet.

:1234: Code to reproduce

  • Create a Multisig on Fuji
  • Create an admin task (send funds)
  • Click on Approve
  • Validate typed signature on Metamask
  • Validate on Ledger
  • Validate classic signature on Metamask
  • Validate on Ledger
  • Nothing happens.


Hey @TauleFroisse! The second message is expected: if the device you're using does not support the type of signed data we send to it, we fall back to signing a plain message. But once you sign that, it should be accepted by Defender. Let us look into it and get back to you!

Hey @TauleFroisse, I'm running a Ledger Nano (model X instead of S, but should not make a difference) as well, and have just approved a proposal on Defender using it. I'm also on metamask 10.18.3, Chrome 104.0.5112.101 on Ubuntu 20.04. I get the "only version 4 of typed data signing is supported as expected", but then the plain message signature works fine.

FWIW, I've set the ledger connection type in metamask to WebHID (in advanced settings), in case that makes a difference:

Hey @spalladino ,

We found the issue. We were using the Avalanche Ledger app instead of the Ethereum app.

Sorry for the trouble.

No worries, happy to hear it worked!