Defender Admin service disruption on Binance Chain

Dear Defender community: in the last few days we've seen multiple issues around admin proposal execution and rejection on BNB (aka BSC) routed via Gnosis Safes.

We are hard at work investigating these issues and exploring ways of unblocking Admin users affected by it.

At the moment we haven't been able to establish root causes. We do know that certain gas estimation and transaction validation mechanisms that used to work correctly have stopped working reliably, at least when routing them through some of the most popular BSC provider endpoints.

We're exploring ways of providing escape hatches to the issue, such as allowing users to skip validation and manually specifying gas price and/or limits. Since this could impact some system invariants, we need time to test these changes before we can publish them.

We will keep posting any updates on progress with this situation to this thread.

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Update: we just deployed a new version of Defender that lets BSC users opt out of the validation mechanisms that are currently causing some Admin proposals to be blocked.

When you get a validation error after pressing Execute rejection, you can expand a new "Advanced" collapsible that lies below the action buttons:

You'll see a checkbox that lets you opt out of validation. Click it, and click on "Execute rejection" again. Unless there's other issues, you should now see the Metamask asking you to confirm the transaction.

!!! Please use this feature only as a last resort. It's always best to avoid running unvalidated transactions to avoid wasting gas and other potential synchronization issues.

In an ideal world, this feature isn't necessary. So we'll keep investigating ways to make Defender resilient to these incidents.