Can't send meta transactions after following guide

I'm currently following this guide but have realised too late that there are a lot of errors assigned to it.

I am wondering if anyone has a working version or at least managed to find a way around the errors, especially the signer.js from their Github . Eth-sig-util can't be used in the front end and I don't know a way to do in ethers.

The provider and signer I'm using are an ethers random wallet private key and provider is a jsonrpcproivder from sepolia.

I think it's the signer code anyway becuz I can't get past the verify function in their ERC2771Forwarder contract.

If anyone knows how to fix the code or has a working version of it, I would appreciate it so much.

:computer: Environment

I'm using Hardhat and ethers

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It seems the changes in the signer.js file from their Github is outdated. It has not been updated with the new Production ready ERC2771Forwarder yet. It uses the old MinimalForwarder I believe.

Were you able to resolve your issues?

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