Token Creation


Created a token with basic contract in Remix. When I deployed contract I could see contract on Bscscan and all was good.

I transferred some coins to my account and then back to contract a couple times.

Now when I look at token holders on Bscscan I see there are 3 contract address’s? 1 of the holder address’s is Pancakeswap V2. 1 of the holders is the main contract holding address. 3rd address is also a contract holding address but no idea why it’s there? Anyone know why?


It could be maybe a sniper bot


Yes, I think it is a sniper bot, when i look at 0x3dbd… holdings, I can see he’s holding 1307 tokens in his/her wallet.

Wondering why there is a contract symbol beside his/her wallet address??

so how to use anti sniper? any suggestion?

A way to avoid sniper, is to block the approve, increase and decrease allowance, transferFrom and transfer functions for addresses not allowed until you decide to enable trading
Sniper bots are made to enter immediatly, so if you delay the trading start, they won't buy your token

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Thanks for prompt response with a suggestion.