Please help me avoid being rugged

Hi - first time poster in need of urgent help.

I set up a token in Dec 2021 with a (then) mate. I handled the smart contract, he handled the liquidity lock etc.

We later disagreed on the direction of the project and he has walked away. I still control the smart contract, however the liquidity unlocks in a week and I know he will rug it (and take the LP).

How can I stop him doing that, or at least make sure I get a cut of it (so I can help investors who will lose money by him taking the LP)?

Can I change the contract somehow (eg fees, blacklisting certain wallets etc) to prevent him getting the LP?

Or could I speak to someone at Mudra to let them know I own the project and contract and to get the LP transferred to me, and locked for another 12 months?

Thank you!


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Hey could you please share the contract?

It will depend on what kind of contract you have. if you can't share original contract, you can deploy on testnet to show the code, so it can be looked into for assistance.