Just asking for your opinion

Hey guys! So I've made (in my opinion) some nice function whick allows a token to leverage liquidity up to 1.5x while nothing changed for the user. This method uses minting but is "covered" you could say.
It works like this: let's say a user deposits 1BNB. from this 1BNB, 0.25BNB in tokens will be bought and converted to liquidity adding a total of 0.5 BNB in liquidity.
Now we got 0.5BNB from the deposit. We mint 0.5BNB worth of tokens and add them to liquidity adding another 1BNB worth of liquidity.
In total we got 1.5BNB worth of liquidity from a 1BNB deposit.
If a user wants to withdraw he gets 0.5BNB and the minted tokens in form of liquidity back.
Now we got only 0.5BNB in liquidity left.
Even if he sells the minted tokens worth 0.5BNB the sell will be covered from the 0.5BNB left in liquidity. So we provided 1.5BNB worth of liquidity per 1BNB deposited without a big loss.
The user is exposed to 1BNB worth of liquidity and the project got 1.5BNB worth of liquidity. And if he closes the position and sells it all we back where we started.
Now I want to ask you guys what your opinion on this is, where I maybe made a misconception and suggestions.