I suspect that Coinmarketcap creates tokens in a pipelined way

99% of the entire crypto market is a scam, investors act as cash cows.
I believe that approximately more than half of the projects added to the list of new coins on Coinmarketcap are created by a narrow circle of people. The goal is to get the main profit. By selling tokens of unpromising projects while the new project is on the list of new coins. That is, to profit from the sale of tokens while the project is on the list of new coins. I estimate it could be hundreds of millions of dollars a year.
I have tracked over 1000 projects. There is no clear line to get the exact percentage. Coinmarketcap dominates the cryptocurrency market. It is likely that it belongs to Binance. We will no longer apply to be added to Coinmarketcap. We plan to punish them. And lower their rating in the future.
Legally, they do not violate anything. But in terms of morality. It is not right. Since they must indicate that this is their project. After all, there are stupid naive investors. Whose goal is to buy a new coin and they trust Coinmarketcap. If Coinmarketcap dominates, then they should behave correctly.
I thought for a long time and modeled different options. Looking for reasons. But if they do not mint their own tokens. Then they will have to add other people's scam tokens. So why should the good guys give money to the bad guys? . That's the whole answer. There are no stupid people at Coinmarketcap. They are smart analysts.
I applied for addition 5-6 times. They didn't add. I followed them for a whole year. We will not apply again.
In the DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) project, there are no guys who are ready to lick someone's ass for the sake of quick success. There are only guys who, when they meet the chert, will tell him that he is the chert.
If there is a representative of coinmarketcap here, I will talk to you. But you have to prove it by writing to me from your domain mail to my domain mail.

Representative of Coinmarketcap do not be afraid of me, I will not eat you, I will simply destroy you with facts in a verbal skirmish.
You need to be afraid of a man whose dreams cannot be bought even for all the money in the world. Perhaps his dream is to become the captain of an alien starship the size of Washington and descend to desert planets. And fly slowly chasing the sunset at an altitude of 5 kilometers. In the transparent cockpit of a starship. In long beige shorts with many pockets and without a T-shirt, he drinks delicious coffee.

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