Error in Openzeppelin Defender


I have been trying to schedule a few functions (Exclude from fees and Exclude from dividends) through defender and continuously following errors appears.

"Transaction would revert. Check that permissions, balances, and other function requirements are valid for the transaction you want to run."

I have tried these functions directly on the contract, before transferring to Timelock and it worked. Could you please help me?

I have forwarded an email with more details and screenshots as well. (to:,

Hi @FlokiDots! Before we look into other issues, would you tell us if you granted the multisig permission to propose operations on the TimelockController?

In order for the proposal you're trying to create to succeed, you need to grant the PROPOSER_ROLE to your multisig. Otherwise the TimelockController will revert when schedule is called. You can read more details here: and here:

@MartinVerzilli Hi, Yes. Multi-Sig is the proposer of the Time lock. I rechecked it.

And now I tried three schedulings, two worked. Still one has an error.

The issue was automatically resolved. I'm hoping it doesn't happen again when I'm executing.

Hello @FlokiDots, if the issue was automatically resolved there's a high chance this was due to BSC provider instability. Can you share which provider endpoints have you configured to connect to BSC from your MetaMask? We've noticed many community/public endpoints are unreliable, specially in high volume networks.