TimeLock doesn't have Executor role so I can't give it Executor

The issue I am experiencing is with not being able to create any transactions through defender and being stuck a loop. Basically, I am trying to give the role of Executor to my Timelock, but I can't because the TimeLock doesn't have the Executor role. I followed the tutorial "Tutorial on Using a Gnosis Safe MultiSig with a TimeLock to Upgrade Contracts and use Functions in a Proxy Contract".

:1234: Code to reproduce

The code is following the tutorial step by step. 

:computer: Environment

Used hardhat just like the tutorial with the only difference being that I used solidity 0.8.9 and my own contract that I can include the code to if needed. The contract isn't too complicated though and just has some functions and my own role system that shouldn't interfere.

Update: Appearently I cannot read, the error was "Current account is not an authorized executor in timelock 0x964e...5C92B. Please switch to another account or grant role Executor to your current account." So I tried switching wallets but it didn't work for either of the wallets.